Will Webfonts open up new design opportunities?

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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Traditionally fonts on websites, especially for headings and article text, have been strictly limited to options like Arial, Verdana and Times New Roman. Overnight, Google announced its new Webfonts toolkit (opens in new window), which makes it easier than ever to include a whole variety of fonts within websites, in a way that is compatible with browsers as old as Internet Explorer 6.

Sample of webfonts available

The new fonts that are available are still quite limited at present (the beta launch of the Google Font Directory (opens in new window) includes just 18 fonts) but this is sure to grow.

These new fonts open up the possibilities for web design, with creative use of fonts no longer restricted to graphics and Flash areas. At Webdragon we're looking forward to seeing greater font use in designs. Will this new toolkit from Google help it take off?

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