WebdragonCMS now integrates accessible Google Maps

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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

One of the latest features in the forthcoming version of WebdragonCMS is full, accessible Google Maps integration.

Google Maps integration makes it easy for your website to display user-friendly maps to users, highlighting information already on the page. Just like the Google Maps website, maps integrated into your website can be dragged and zoomed to give users full flexibility.

These maps are now available throughout WebdragonCMS, including in our apps such as Location search, E-commerce and Directory.

Screenshot of Webdragon's profile in WebdragonCMS Directory app

Latest version of WebdragonCMS with Directory app, showing Webdragon's details

Our maps are integrated in such a way that for people who can't interact with Google Maps fully, they are still presented with a static map, as well as the location of the map.

Having maps in your website makes it that much easier for visitors to understand the information you are conveying, and can therefore help you achieve your marketing and operational goals online.

Want Google Maps integration in your website? Contact Webdragon about upgrading to WebdragonCMS today.

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