Search engine optimisation: what colour is your hat?

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In search engine optimisation (SEO), there is a right way of doing it, and a wrong way.

For example, in tweaking your on-site content, it is possible to cram each and every search term into the HTML code without it appearing on-screen, or buying links from unscrupulous sites to build up the number of links to your website. These techniques, and others like them, are known as black-hat SEO, and can be highly effective in building up short-term results for short-term gain, however they are typically very destructive over the longer-term.

On the other hand, using white-hat SEO, SEO experts will do their best to align your website with the way search engines operate. The results can and will change daily as search engines continue to hunt down the "best" and most popular content for each search term.

Any attempts to artificially game the system via black-hat SEO techniques can, and often will, result in persistently low rankings, or in extreme cases, black-listing of sites.

The right way of doing SEO will see a steady, sizeable, and most importantly sustainable, increase in your organisation's search engine rankings.

This article is an excerpt from Webdragon's white paper, Reality in search engine optimisation.

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