One step closer to universally accessible web video

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Friday, 11 June 2010

One of the great break-throughs in the past few years has been online video, brought about by sites such as YouTube. One of the great disappointments has been the lack of accessibility in web video, because it adds an extra layer of production and implementation. Recently that has been changing.

One of the big obstacles with accessible video content is displaying captions and transcripts for people who cannot listen to the video.

Earlier this year, YouTube started enabling automated captioning of their videos, so that people with hearing difficulties could hear read aloud what was contained in videos, without any extra effort on the video producers' part. Now, YouTube has taken this one step further, with automated transcripts, based on the automated captions.

This is a great step forward for accessibility in web videos, and new media generally, and we look forward to seeing more progress like it.

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