New white paper available: reality in search engine optimisation (SEO)

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Webdragon's white paper entitled "Reality in search engine optimisation" is available for download in web page and PDF formats.

From the paper:

The most important aspect of website development has nothing to do with computers and programming code: it is defining the goals for the website. These goals could include directly increasing sales through an e-commerce facility, generating sales leads from the website, or building a database of interested prospects for future direct contact.

Once goals have been defined, and the site has been built for your specific target markets, bringing new visitors to the website is the challenge. Your website is like your shop or show room: like any show room, potential customers will only find out about your location and what you offer because you actively let them know.

Alongside traditional online and offline marketing such as banner and print advertising, search engines such as Google are key for potential customers to be directed to your website, and find out about your products and services.

View web version Download PDF version - 208 KB - opens in new window


    • graphic design
    • Wednesday, 16 Jun 2010
    • 03:47pm
    • Reply
    Brilliant Article...! Good inspiration for SEOS... Thank you for posting such a nice and informative article.
    • Moonshine Creative
    • Thursday, 8 Jul 2010
    • 02:57pm
    • Reply
    What a great read. Thanks
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