Measuring your investment online

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Measuring progress against your organisation's online objectives is the only real way of determining your internet success. There are all sorts of tools available for measuring goals, depending on the types of goals that your organisation has set.

CMS reporting tools

Each CMS typically contains its own reporting tools for different areas. For example, e-commerce modules usually include reports for sales over different periods of time. A lot of CMS software also includes tools to report on website visitation and user registrations.

These reports can be run regularly to ensure that your organisation is meeting its online targets over time.

Analytics software

The most direct way of tracking visitation to your website is through traffic analysis tools such as Google Analytics. Generally speaking, these tools enable you to see how customers are reaching your site, how long they are spending there, and how many customers are coming.

When they are combined with specific website objectives, you can track goals such as how many people visited a certain page, how many people registered in a certain way, how many shopping cart purchases were completed, all presented in attractive graphs.

A lot of analytics software can also track your website's search engine rankings against your defined target keywords, and how many people arrived through specific keyword searches.

The results of this analysis can then be used to further refine your internet strategies, getting you closer to achieving your objectives.

This article is an excerpt from Webdragon's white paper, Keys to using the internet successfully.

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