Making Google's Chrome web browser accessible

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Since its beginnings in 2008, Google's Chrome web browser has seen astonishing increases in popularity, and soon will be available right within Internet Explorer via Google Chrome Frame. Unfortunately for people who use assistive technologies, Google Chrome is completely inaccessible.

Web users have started a petition to make Google Chrome accessible to people with disabilities, and Webdragon encourages you to sign it:

To: Google, Inc.

We, as screen reader users, feel that Google's new and innovative Web browser, Google Chrome, still has a long way to go in accessibility. We are just asking for the developers of this flourishing browser to consider the needs of a growing audience who is interested in using this browser. We should have the choice to use this browser, and should not be shut out because of conditions we cannot control.

Web page text is not readable, and nothing is spoken with various screen access programs such as JAWS, Window-eyes, NVDA, and others. Also, the menus need help in order to be accessible to most windows screen readers.

On Linux, the situation is worse. Orca, the GNOME based screen reader, cannot even access this application due to the way the interface is written.

In 2010, having inaccessible applications is simply appalling and a Web browser coming from a great company such as google should not be subjected to that horrible label of 'inaccessible'. Inaccessible programs translates to blind and visually impaired individuals being shut out from using this application. That is not acceptable.


The Undersigned

Sign the petition today (opens in new window), and let's create a more accessible world for all users.

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