Keeping your website compatible today and tomorrow

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Friday, 24 September 2010

Different people use different methods to access websites. Some use Windows PCs, others use Apple Macs and others use an iPhone. Some people use Internet Explorer software and others use Firefox. Even more specifically, some people use Internet Explorer 6 and others use Internet Explorer 7 or 8. Keeping your website looking good and functioning properly on all these different devices and browsers can be challenging, and the challenge shifts over time. It's a challenge that needs to be addressed just like any other aspect of your web marketing strategy: by aligning it with your goals.

Beware of website incompatibilities

Now that other browsers, and other devices, have become more prevalent, it's possible that the site you built for Internet Explorer 6 doesn't look quite right in Firefox 3.6 or Safari 5. Even if your site was built two years ago, it may not be taking account of the shift of users from earlier versions of Internet Explorer to Internet Explorer 8. Google Chrome, the fastest-growing browser, is now releasing new versions every six weeks, while Microsoft recently unveiled the first stable testing version of Internet Explorer 9.

Not catering to users of these new (and old) web browsers may lead to lost visitors and lost sales, meaning failure to meet your online goals.

Dealing with website compatibility

What should you be doing about all this? First, know your users, and make sure you are measuring which browsers are being used on your site. Second, make sure you address website compatibility issues regularly, before your users start telling you they can't use your site properly, or they just start leaving.

Under Webdragon support, we regularly monitor and update compatibility with new versions of major browsers. Our existing clients are already enjoying these benefits as new browsers become available.

Do you know the status of your website's compatibility? Contact Webdragon for a free consultation regarding your websites compatibility.

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