Increasing readability, and accessibility, one definition at a time with WebdragonCMS

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One of the aspects of web accessibility that receives relatively little attention is the readability of text by a wide variety of audiences, whether they have a foreign-language background, reading or intellectual difficulties, or just a lack of understanding of the subject matter at hand. A major part of this is the use of abbreviations and acronyms that often go unexplained to readers.

Traditionally, web content management system (CMS) software and web development tools have done little in the way of addressing this, with content editors left to fend for themselves (and their readers) in determining what should be marked up as an abbreviation using appropriate and tags.

With the new Definition List app in WebdragonCMS, you can define every abbreviation and acronym in use throughout your website, and have each page automatically updated with the required HTML code to present those terms accessibly for your website's audience.

For any queries regarding the WebdragonCMS Definition List app, contact Webdragon.

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