Facilitating distributed brand conversations online

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Under the old Web 1.0 model, each organisation's website was stand-alone. Customers wanting to know about a brand could go to that website, and if there were blogs or forums, that was where discussions took place about the brand. If there were other discussions online, they were typically isolated, in such a way that the organisation itself could not be a part of the conversation.

Since the explosion in popularity of social networking online, brand conversations have become a lot more broadly distributed. For example, comments about this very article appear on a whole variety of sites – Webdragon's own site, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. And because of the way these sites are interconnected, the same users (including Webdragon) can be part of the conversation across the web.

This is the way of distributed brand conversations.

No longer is it enough to have a stand-alone website and expect users to come to you and discuss your brand with you. Instead, brands need to reach out to where users are, and have a conversation that crosses traditional media boundaries and traditional site boundaries. That is the power of social media for organisations.

Webdragon can help you in understanding and facilitating these distributed brand conversations through a social marketing program.

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