Anglican Media Melbourne benefiting from Webdragon search engine technology

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Friday, 27 November 2009

One of the major features attracting organisations to WebdragonCMS is its search engine optimisation (SEO) technology: the ability to make relevant parts of your website come up first in Google searches, and other search engine results.

Anglican Media Melbourne (AMM) (opens in new window), having used WebdragonCMS since late 2006, today continues to benefit ever more strongly from the SEO technology integrated into the software.

In April, AMM posted a story on their news site regarding the sad death of a high profile religious leader. Within just twenty minutes, the story turned up as number one and two in a worldwide Google News search for the keywords most likely to be entered by users on the topic, and remained there with the country's leading news outlets.

AMM's online editor, Jane Still, was left with only one thing to say: "Whoo, that was fast!"

AMM's search engine success with Webdragon software is just one example of the results Webdragon's clients are finding through the use of our software.