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  • In the last five years, the capability and number of mobile devices has increased phenomenally. Smartphones have transformed mobile computing into a platform comparable to desktop computing. With this new platform comes a new type of communication between consumers and the brands they use. Should you build a mobile app or a mobile website to reach them?

  • Today marks the launch of the iPad in Australia. As an Apple touch-screen device, it uses very similar software to the iPhone, which has been widely praised both for its ease-of-use with the general population, and its accessibility features for people with disabilities. But is it usable enough and accessible enough?

  • The iPhone is an increasingly popular piece of technology around the world, and in Australia, and in Webdragon's home of Melbourne. One of the foundations of these devices is the ability for customers to easily purchase and download stand-alone applications, including games, utilities and frivolities. The question for businesses is: is it worth building an iPhone app to tap into this market?

  • These days an increasing number of devices, from mobile phones and video games to computers, are featuring touch-screen interfaces. These interfaces are a boon to people who are fully sighted, making it easier to interact with computers. What about people who can't see?

  • Having an accessible website is not just about meeting legislative requirements and mitigating legal risks. It also has tangible benefits for every visitor to your website, by making your website easier to use and navigate.